Friday, May 27, 2011

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We believe in supporting the Work At Home Community. This site is dedicated to helping Work at Home Men & Women succeed in their businesses. If you would like to have your business listed on our site continue reading for the different options we offer. Questions about advertising? Just email us and we will reply ASAP.

If you purchase a business page but not an ad block another rep from the same company can purchase an ad block. If you purchase an ad block but not a business page, another rep from the same company can purchase the business page. This allows one rep per company in each spot but essentially allows two reps to advertise - therefore trying to help everyone!
***Please note that anything stated lifetime is for the life of this website.*** 

***Important Note: Please make sure you wait for paypal to redirect you to the form to fill out after you make your payment. If paypal doesn't redirect you within 10 seconds please email us. We need this information on this form to get your ads up and running.*** 

Click on the different advertising names to see our options and price lists. Please note that options and prices are subject to change at any time.

Business Pages - Special Deal Til 01/30
Business pages are full page ads about your business. You can view all business pages by following the links on the left side of the site to see what these look like. 

Banner Advertising
There are several different options to banner advertising. You will have to see which options are available. 

Current Parties Listing 
This is great for party plan consultants. Get your party listed under our current parties for people to help support you in reaching your party goals.

State Business Directory-On Sale Til 01/30
Get listed in our State Business Directory!

*** Disclaimer: There are no refunds on advertising unless it is an error on our part or unless otherwise noted on the specific form of advertising you are paying for.***



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