Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Love Our Customers Event - Sign Up Here To Gain Fans & Followers

Being in the work at home industry our customers are the most important lifeline of our businesses. We all know how important they are and how much we value and cherish them to no end.

This event is designed to show our customers how much we appreciate them.
One lucky customer is going to win a HUGE cash prize. To enter all they have to do is follow the entries on the form when the event starts. At the end a winner will be drawn and they will receive the cash paid via paypal.

So where is the cash coming from? Well keep on reading to see how this works.
Businesses can sign up to promote from 3 plus links. These links will be to things such as their websites, facebook fan pages, twitter, linked in, email newsletters, blogs, and what ever other social media links they would like to promote.  The money collected from the sign up fees is what will be given as the cash prize at the end of the event. So the total cash prize will depend on how many businesses sign up. Plus we will strongly encourage the winner to use that prize to shop with the businesses that are listed!

This event will be a great way to not only show customers that we in the work at home industry strongly value and appreciate them, but will also help small business owners to gain more exposure and fans & followers to their websites and social media links since those entering the giveaway will be required to visit, fan and follow these sites.

There is NO limit to the number of reps per company joining in this event, we are welcoming any and all businesses ( especially work from home and small businesses), hand made, consultants, and more. No matter what you do, if you own a business or are a rep for a company - we want to promote you during this event. This event will be promoted on 25 different sites daily during the time it runs. This will also be promoted in our weekly newsletter, on our fan page and around many other facebook and other groups as well. These events typically bring those signed up 100 + new fans or followers and even result in new customers - you just never know who is going to see your business and like what you have to offer.

Here are the details on how you can sign up your business to get promoted during this event.
First - chose your option:
**Options are PER business. If you have more than one you want to promote you must do this for each business**
You can promote 3 links ( such as facebook, website, twitter, etc...) for $10
You can promote 4 or more links ( as stated above) for $15

Second - submit your payment:


Third - CLICK HERE and fill out the sign up form!!
Please make sure you come back here and fill out the sign up form after submitting payment so we have your links that need promoting.
Fourth - Help spread the word. The more businesses signed up, the higher the cash prize. The higher the cash prize, the more entries and fans and followers for everyone!!!
This event will go live on Dec 1st 2011 and run until Dec 20th 2011. 
EVERYONE can enter - even if you are a vendor listed you can still enter to win just by showing your support of other business owners and following the entry requirements.


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