Friday, November 11, 2011

10 Ways To Get Others To Distribute Your Business Cards

These tips are brought to you courtesy of Sharon Rowley - Dove Chocolate Discoveries Senior Manager.
1. Give your cards to your customers to give away as referrals for you and your


2. Give your cards to others you do business with so they can refer business to


3. Work with companies that have complimentary products and services to

your company and offer a business card exchange where you include their

cards with your marketing materials and ask them to include your card with

their marketing materials.

4. Do a business card exchange with area businesses for cross promotion.

5. Give your cards to family and friends so they can promote you.

6. Leave your cards along with a promotional drawing for a gift or offer from

your business. You can set these promotional drawings up at other

businesses or at events.

7. Give your cards to others to distribute with a promotional offer on the back.

8. Place your cards in business card displays at other businesses, Chambers of

Commerce or at events.

9. Offer to distribute cards for other businesses in exchange for them sharing

your cards.

10. Put a bonus offer on the back of your card along with a place for the name of

the person who will be distributing the cards. Offer the person distributing

the card a referral bonus for customers who return the card with their


10 Ways to Get the Most Value from Your Investment

1. Keep your cards in a business card holder or a box so they don’t get bent, or


2. Don’t give out cards that you used to blot your lipstick, make notes on, or

that have stains.

3. Keep plenty of cards on hand. Don’t Run Out.

4. Always have plenty of cards at a networking or business function.

5. Keep a stack in your car, your purse, your briefcase, your golf bag, or

anywhere you might meet a prospect.

6. Give stacks of cards to family members and friends to give out when they

meet someone.

7. Make sure you have a good system for filing or storing data from the cards

you receive.

8. After giving your card always follow up quickly.

9. Write notes on the back of the card to remind you where and when you

received the card (name of person who gave you the card as a referral, name

of function, location of business where you got the card)

10. Create more than one kind of business card. One with your business

information and additional cards with offers, appointments, or how to tips