Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Event - Gold Canyon Candles -FREE Gift & 10% off Your Order

Welcome to Gold Canyon....Gold Canyon provides The World's Finest candles, candle scents, nutrient rich body care, home decor and environmentally friendly cleaning products

With our high quality wax blend and double wicks for even burning (we're the original 2-wick company) our candles provide a consistent, quality fragrance  with the perfect combination of fragrances to create the most aromatic candles on  the market today. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes including scented jar candles, tealights, votives, wickless candles and scented oils.
Our EMERGE total response therapy line of bath & body products is enriched with nourishing minerals, antioxidant botanicals, renewing fragrance and sensory touch practices to energize the body focus the mind and balances the spirit. 
Homeology is aromatherapy for the home. Our plant based, environmentally friendly cleaning products contain fragrant essential oil for a pure and natural scent that soothes you while wiping out dirt and germs. Our Homeology line of products include all natural cleaning supplies that are effective, biodegradable & safe to breathe.
Free gift and 10% off all orders!!!!..Any customer who places an order of $50.00 or more will be entered into a drawing for $20.00 in free products......To place an order call 1-813-763-2866 or e-mail