Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan Business Expo Showcase - Cup Of Coffee Networkers - Susan Critelli

Promote Your Business with Cup of Coffee Networkers

Cup of Coffee Networkers offers great business networking in an informal setting.  Cup of Coffee Networkers is an “open” networking group, which means that there is no exclusivity for a company or an industry.  There are currently local meetings in Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina and New Jersey. But there are also many members from other states who are benefitting by being active on our website at .

You can view the front page of the website without joining, but you cannot see any other content without becoming a member.  You can attend one local meeting as a guest, but you must be a member of the website in order to attend meetings regularly. The good news is that you can get a 30 day free trial to see if Cup of Coffee Networkers actually enhances your business!  If you are in an area where there are local meetups, you could attend quite a few meetings before making a decision. There is even an online meeting each week where members  have an opportunity to promote their businesses.
There is no credit card required to join – just sign up at and use this coupon code for 30 days absolutely free:
There are no high start up fees, or contracts.  After the end of your free trial, you pay $20 per month. No other fees, you decide how long to stay.  You decide how many meetings to attend. There are no attendance or referral requirements.  But you will be more successful networking with us if you are active on the website and attend meetings regularly, where available.
You will have your own page that you can personalize any way you like. You can use videos, blogs, and photos to spread the word about your business.  We even offer training on how to get the most out of the Cup of Coffee Networkers website.  In addition to having your own blog, there are groups about different topics where members offer ideas to help you grow your business.  Where else can you get that kind of value for 67 cents a day?

Your success with Cup of Coffee Networkers really depends on participation.  Members who participate will be rewarded with some great exposure for their business on the site, on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and at local meetups.  If you decide that Cup of Coffee Networkers is not right for you, your page will be removed and there will be no further obligation. 

"During the fiscal year ending 2010 over 85% of my business came directly through Cup Of Coffee Networkers and Cup Of Coffee Networkers referrals. Year-to-date that number is over 90%. A drastic change from my first nine months with this group. What changed? I hung in there, attended meetings, placed an ad, was active on the website and talked openly about who I was, what I had to offer and who in the network I was doing business with. Reciprocation was enormous! The more network members I serviced the more business I gained. The better they got to know me, the more interested they were in doing business with me."
Shirley Hall, Broken Arrow, OK

"In the first 5 months of 2011, I won $700 in contests sponsored by Cup of Coffee Networkers.  But even if there were no contests, there is something really special about this combination of online and offline networking. Sometimes in a business setting, you only get to see someone's "business face."  In our informal setting, there is a lot of time built in just to talk and allow natural connections to develop. Then you have one minute to convey your passion for your business through your body language and the nuances in your voice.  But important connections are also made with people in other states through the features of the website, and you can learn a lot about people you know locally though reading their blogs, connecting with them on Facebook and LinkedIn, and seeing their online interactions with other people on the Cup of Coffee Networkers site. You get a more complete picture, and a better idea of whether you want to do business with someone. It’s a great combination!"

Susan Critelli, Robbinsville, NJ
"It is quite interesting what one can do having one's own "Page" on the Cup of Coffee Networkers website. The value of this design is amazing! Thank you Joe for coming to the McKinney Chamber of Commerce Links meeting that fateful day, whenever it was, and take your 30 seconds to speak about Cup of Coffee Networkers...This website is already a wonderful tool, and am anxious to see it grow. To get full advantage of Cup of Coffee Networkers, I feel the desire to keep updated with all that is happening. Getting my $20 worth, and then some!"
Maryann Kuhn, Mckinney, TX