Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan Business Expo Showcase - Plexus Slim/Plexus Pink - Sheri Carpenter

 Sheri Carpenter - Ambassador
All of our products go hand in hand with the mission of the company to educate men and women on the importance of breast cancer and healthy weight loss.
Plexus Slim is an all-natural weight loss product, packaged as a very small powder packet that you can easily slip into your purse or your pocket. 
Half an hour before a meal – it does not matter which meal, it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner – pour the powder into a 12-17 ounce glass or bottle of water, stir and drink. That’s all there is to it! The fat just melts away.

Plexus Slim will:
• Help you lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle.
• Help keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at healthy levels
• Help increase your will-power over food, and reduces binge eating 

The breast check kit consists of two micro-thin layers of polyurethane with a non toxic lubricant sealed in between. When the breast check is placed on the breast, the bottom layer gently adheres to the skin and remains stable allowing the upper layer to slide freely underneath your finger tips. As the upper layer slides freely over the bottom layer, friction is greatly reduced this results in what is called "sensory touch magnification," in other word your sense of touch is greatly improved. Which than improves the effectiveness of the self exam.

Plexus slim when used on a daily bases promotes weight loss and burns fat not muscle. It also promotes healthy blood sugar levels so it is safe for diabetics. Plexus is all natural and it only takes one bottle of water a day. Just add the product to and drink. You don’t have to change your diet. Yes it is safe for children.
We also have plexus slim accelerator when used with the plexus slim the following will occur. Weight loss occurs faster. Energy is increased. Appetite is suppressed and the desire to hydrate the body is increased. It is a great one two combination. You get a better weight loss result and still get the benefits from plexus slim.

Plexus bio cleanse: do you suffer from physical or mental fatigue, constipation or inability to lose weight? Because of poor diet, stress, low activity levels, polluted air, shallow breathing; many people are in low oxygen/toxic state. Their bodies cannot keep up their metabolism in this state, and waste products begin to accumulate more rapidly than their bodies can eliminate. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microbes thrive in this condition. these microbes cannot survive in an oxygen enriched environment .The bio cleanse not only releases the accumulated waste but also helps kill off pathogens by increasing the level of oxygen in the body.

This is my most recent before and after pictures - Down over 70 pounds since April 2011!!

Business Opportunity:
What would be your ideal job?
With the wide variety of job choices available today, have you ever considered what would be the perfect job for you? Just about everyone explores that question at some point in their life, and research has revealed many common needs and desires – many of which you probably share:
  • Work from home
  • Choose my own hours
  • Work with people I liked
  • Receive training and support to learn my job
  • Have a product or service that I was passionate about
  • Earn an above average income
  • Be paid what I’m worth
  • Start part-time
  • Feel that I am making a difference
Plexus offers you ALL of these benefits – and even better than a job, we’re offering you the opportunity to have your own rewarding business! As a business owner you’re free to build your business (and income) as large as you like, and like any valuable asset, can sell for a profit or even pass along to your children. Best of all, getting started is EASY!
Here are the 5 steps to getting started:
1. Join Plexus Pink as an Associate for only $34.95 which includes your Annual Membership and your own personal website.
2. To become an Ambassador, upgrade to any one of our Welcome Pack options, starting at only $99. These options include your choice of products with a retail value of over $200.
3. Start using and sharing the plexus opportunity and products and begin generating income from the Plexus Profit Sharing Plan.
-Meet with your sponsor to map out your fast start success program
-Use your personalized website and back office to grow sales.
-Get the latest health updates and learn how what you eat, drink or apply to your body impacts your health.
4. Benefit from the free training and support offered by Plexus Pink and other supportive Plexus Ambassadors.
5. Make a difference by sharing your Plexus story with others and invite them to help you spread the Plexus health story.
Our goal at Plexus is to empower people and provide them with the opportunity to own their own profitable, rewarding and FUN business!
Our mission is to promote Health to men and women throughout the world, person-to-person. We need your help and hope you will join us.

Ways to Earn Income $ in Plexus

1. Retail Sales

2. Retail Commissions:
15% : $100 - $499
25% : $500 - +

3. Retail Over-ride Commissions: 5%

4. Business Builder’s Bonus:
50% - first up-line position
25% - second up-line position
15% - third up-line position
10% - fourth up-line position

5. Profit Sharing (7 Levels)
5 Points for Levels 1 thru 3
4 Points for Level 4
3 Points for Level 5
2 Points for Level 6
1 Point for Level 7

1. Preferred Customer
2. Achievement
Silver - $100
Gold - $250 ….. Sr. Gold - $350
Ruby - $500 ….. Sr. Ruby - $750
3. Fast Start
4. Emerald Pool (3%)
5. Diamond Pool (Emerald Pool + 2%)