Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan Business Expo Showcase - Votre Vu - Joan Boushey

 Joan Boushey
Independent Consultant

Come Join the New Face of Beauty in Town with award winning and luxurious skin, hair and body care products never before found in the US. Glowing skin, healthy hair and a well-balanced body are the side effects of joining Votre Vu. For years, some of the best products in the world were only available in Fine French Boutiques, dermatologists’ offices and estheticians in Europe… Until Now! 

We have scouted out the finest products, filled with luxurious, natural, hard-working ingredients from all over the globe. Our product motto is, “stay pure, stay simple, work hard!” Not only are we providing YOU with crème de la crème products but we offer an outstanding and most generous compensation plan and our commitment to good old fashion quality, service and respect for others has set us apart in the field. We offer minimal start up cost, no inventory, no deliveries, a free host program, no credit card transaction fees, no monthly ordering requirements, cutting edge technology and so much more. So pack your passport for a great adventure and opportunity and join us today!