Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Expo Showcase - Bella Baubles - Karen Overturf

 Karen Overturf
I would venture to say that most women love jewelry! Don't you think? Don't you? I know I do.

If you choose to purchase expensive jewelry, then I would say that getting jewelry would be a luxury. But... if you purchase inexpensive jewelry you are more apt to purchase more. More for everyday, whether wearing it be to work in an office or to run errands about town.

I love jewelry!And times are tough these days. Budgets are tight. There are a lot of Companies out there that have some really great jewelry, but...it's kind of pricey and being on a budget...you can't really afford pricey! Maybe only 1 or 2 pieces.Thus, my reason for opening this online jewelry business with fun, unique and affordable jewelry!