Friday, March 9, 2012

March Expo Showcase - Harrison Vacation Travel Featuring Ganovia Coffee - Nicole Harrison

Harrison Vacation Travel- (featuring Ganovia Gourmet Coffees and Cocoa!)
Contact: Nicole Harrison 
615-485-8660 , 
Our company offers it all , the top of the line vacations and destinations at a reasonable rates. When shopping on your own for travel, rental cars, airline tickets, limo service, passports,hotels, all inclusive resorts, and cruises. Look no further than ( Many of the prices will be at least a 30% savings. Not only with the prices be better sign up for free with me and get additional discounts and rebates for travel you were going to purchase anyway. Go to  for more details on joining my shopping or sales team! The money you save is well worth the review.
I offer a personal touch by becoming your personal shopper of travel and matching you and your family and friends to the perfect vacation spot.
A weekend getaway, family reunion, honeymoons, anniversarys... You name it I can plan it  all you have to do it pack and be ready to have fun!
I am partnered with a company with a proven track record of having the best available for our clients and we are constantly adding new features to our list.

10 Years of Greatness Meets YOU!

YTB is not like any other company you’ve been a part of. Reason being—we think a little differently when making business decisions. And, it all feeds off of one simple idea—you! We know at YTB you are our greatest asset. Therefore, every business decision is made with you at heart. For us, it’s not about the bottom line. We know that by building up our people and teaching them to be the best in their field, the bottom line takes care of itself. We are powered by people and proud of it! Go ahead. Take a closer look at our company. You’ll see clearly the principles that guide every decision. It’s something that hasn’t changed since our humble beginning. When our founders first set out to build the #1 travel agency in the world, they decided to build this company the right way, in every sense of the word. They share a common vision and are focused on turning it into a reality. With your help, we’re well on our way to achieving our goal. Think about it. This is the perfect opportunity to transform your life. We have combined the powerful information handling capability of the Internet with the world’s most dynamic product—travel—with the personal touch of independent, home-based business people. But we didn’t stop at travel—Now with the addition of e-commerce, every member of our company truly offers something for everyone! By utilizing our simple strategies and techniques, we can show you how leveraging your time can generate a residual income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, we’ve been helping people succeed for over 10 years. Just take a look at the facts.
  • 40,750 Reps have earned $1,000 Bonuses
  • Almost $5 million paid in $10,000 Bonuses
  • Sales Director Program provided more than 230 Directors with company paid health and life insurance
  • Almost $40 million in Director’s Pool and Bonuses
  • Six $1 Million Bonuses
  • More than $340,000,000 in commissions to our Travel Agents, Reps and Directors.
Plus with our great features we want you to enjoy that vacation we help you plan. So why not enjoy the process with a healthful cup of coffee or cocoa! We feature a select variety of coffees  and cocoa for your enjoyment each one filled with antioxidents and 3 major super foods.

Ganovia "Super Foods"

"Super Foods" in every cup!
We all know the importance of eating healthy. Unfortunately, our busy lives prohibit us from having good eating habits. While nothing compares to proper nutrition, Ganovia can help you take a step in the right direction. Here at Ganovia, we believe proper nutrition is your best bet for a happier, healthier you. And, we make it easy to do just that by providing superior wellness products for you and the ones you love in a beverage you can't get enough of.
In fact, our coffee comes in easy, on-the-go packets you can add to warm water. Simply stir and enjoy! It's never been easier to do something good for your body! In fact, read more on the amazing "Super Foods" contained in each packet!
About the Goji Berry
Used in Chinese medicine for nearly 4,000 years, this "Super Food" is full of powerful antioxidants. It's also high in protein and contains high levels of Vitamins C, A, E and B. In fact, goji berries contain more iron than spinach and more beta carotene than carrots. In China, this is known as their super energizing herb, and one can certainly see why!
About the Ganoderma Mushroom
Known as the miraculous king of herbs, the ganoderma mushroom has been used for centuries to promote health and longevity. Containing hundreds of antioxidants, this "Super Food" is held in high regard in the Orient. Japan and China use this extract as a licensed medical treatment. This extract helps to promote a natural immune system to maintain balance in the body.
About Cordyceps
Some consider this to be the ultimate "Super Food" and is known for having restorative and energizing properties. In fact, this food can be found today in the pharmaceutical industry, supplement manufacturing, and as a food additive. It's extremely high in beta-glucans, which helps to support proper oxygen levels in the body. By maintaining an oxygen-rich environment, your body is better armed to ward off disease
Please go to our FB page and like us to enter in for a 2 day one night  "staycation" details on website.


Marti Parks on March 18, 2012 at 1:42 PM said...

I'm looking forward to trying these coffees.