Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Business Expo Sponsor - Lisa Weidknecht With

Lisa Weidknecht
Mannatech Independent Consultant

Hi, I’m Lisa! I love blogging and the many experiences it’s opened up to me, but nothing has caught my heart and changed my direction more than this. Recently, I was invited to Mannatech’s International Convention for the launch of the world’s first (all real food) multi-nutritional, NutriVerus. What I saw was a unique and profound global business opportunity with heart, so simple yet effective in addressing the growing need for adequate, real nutrition. 
When you are looking for a business: for staying power and growth, look first for the trends in demands. According to leading economist, Paul Zane Pilzer, the Wellness Industry is predicted to lead the way. Furthermore, the industry will be dominated by a few proven companies with the best leading, validated science and patented technologies. If you want to go far and are serious about long term results, you don’t want to gamble on a start up company or another “me too” business competing with the crowd. Here, Mannatech stands apart, but that is only the beginning.
My family?” Most of us know we aren’t getting enough nutrients in our diets anymore. Nutrition is not just a fringe craze; supplementing is a global phenomenon, the first thought for building wellness. Yet out of over five hundred million supplement users worldwide, few understand that even “natural” supplements usually combine chemically produced “vitamins” made from coal tar and petroleum distillates, and ground rocks for minerals. (Petroleum and rocks are natural. Check your supplements here!) Leading medical journals like JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association, 2007) are showing that synthetic supplements actually increase the mortality rate, doing more harm than good. Meanwhile, the nutrition in our foods continues to decline. What’s more, recent discoveries show the most foundational components of nutrition for our immune systems, glyconutrients, are seriously lacking in our diets. Malnutrition has become a global epidemic and the painful results are everywhere.
Local to global solutions: Enter Mannatech. Our unique, patented 100% real food technologies are changing the course of history. Not only are we seeing unprecedented results, but using our donation through consumption business model, for every product purchased, the company donates product to an orphan or child in need. By helping even 1% globally, or 3.3% of American supplement consumers, switch from synthetic to real nutrition, we can nourish the five million kids under 5 dying of malnutrition every year. And now with NutriVerus, we can provide in one product a 100% real food, vitamin, mineral, phytonutrient, antioxidant, glyconutritional powder for less than the cost of the synthetic counterparts! 
What makes Mannatech so radically different?  
So whether you are just a consumer, wanting the very best results for the dollars you spend, or you are looking for a significant local or global business opportunity, meeting real marketplace demands, check it out! Make money with a mission! From serving Non-Profits in a win-win fundraising program, to building locally with fun Extreme Food Makeover Parties, to building globally with an easy to use global web system...the choice is yours. The support is personal and excellent. You can make a world of difference with me and my team! Ask for more information; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


MikiHope on July 2, 2012 at 5:22 PM said...


How much are these and is it pill or powder form. Could not find prices-might be interested!!


Lisa Weidknecht on July 7, 2012 at 10:41 PM said...

The Nutriverus is less than $60 a month in powder form. It's the newest product and covers all the bases of nutrition! Email me at if you're interested in more information.