Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Business Feature - Vitel Wireless - Carrie Medford

What is this Vitel Opportunity About?
Vitel Wireless is a company that allows the everyday average person to make and save money on things that you are already doing on a daily basis. Vitel is the ONLY company that is paying YOU and YOUR BILLS. As a Vitel Rep, Vitel will pay $1275 of your household bills every month. That’s a SAVINGS of $13,500 every year. On the top of that, you can build an organization and make money sharing this information with others. There is no experience required at all.
What is Vitel Wireless?
Vitel Wireless was the result of the combined efforts of James Pearson and Scott Rogers in 2010. These two co-founders have a combined 55 years of experience in this industry and have a long term vision for Vitel Wireless.
Products at Vitel Wireless can be categorized into the following:
Cell phones (carriers such as T mobile, Sprint and Verizon)
Prepaid Refills (Individuals can go to your website and refill their pre-paid cards…and YOU get paid)
Home Wireless Security 
Satellite Television (Dish TV and more providers being added by August 2012)
Debit Cards (Getting paid every time someone swipes their free pre-paid debit card)
Vitel Wireless aims to provide services and products that have the highest quality, and use high-end technology which aids in creating and maintaining a positive environment for their professionally trained sales representatives.

Making Money with Vitel Wireless
Start-up costs for registering with Vitel Wireless, may be as low as $29.95 and go as high as $99.95, a month and depends on the package, you choose to begin your business with. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, and want to join us, you will need to purchase any package from the ones mentioned below:
But, if you want Vitel Wireless to pay your household  bills each every month, there’s only one plan that you should select. You should select the Platinum Executive Package and the Vitel Benefits Network. You will get residual income of $7 on all benefit network renewal subscription members. You will $7 on all Platinum Executive Renewals through 7 levels. You will get a fast start bonus, where you earn $25 for each person you personal sponsor. If you sponsor three people within that week, you will receive an extra $50 as a bonus. This will give you a total of $125 for the three you sponsored within the week. Also you will get team their fast start bonuses of $5 on your teams new reps from levels 1 though 5.
Earning with Vitel Wireless has many advantages, including a myriad ways to earn money! Few other options include team bonuses, fast start bonuses, retail, rank improvement bonuses and matching bonuses.
There are many ways to earn an income with Vitel, such as:
Personal Sales
Fast Start Bonus
Team Tier Fast Start Bonus
Residual Income Benefit Package
Matching Bonus
Team Sales Override
Residual Income on Sales
Generational Bonus
Senior Leadership